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Really Though, Schumer Just Thinks Everyone Is His Bitch

Having a firm grasp on what tragedy really is (9-11 is on his turf after all) Senator Chuck(y) Schumer of New York really hit the nail on the head with this missed opportunity where a flight attendant had the nerve to tell one of the senators of Olympus to turn off his phone during take off like the rest of us dirty civilians.

For doing her job she was called a 5-letter word that starts with a "b" and rhymes with "Nancy Pelosi" (after coming down from the Botox party high).

I know this is really pretty old news at this point, but I'm not writing to bitch about Senator Schmucker so much as the revelation that can be gleaned from the outburst.

"It’s Harry Reid calling,...I guess health care will have to wait until we land." ... oh the humanity....

Shows you how dumb I am (thank God Schumer I'm not in charge) because I thought that health care had to wait for a vote and then reconciliation with Congress, and then a vote on that and then a presidential signature. I had NO IDEA that it was really just answering a phone call from Harry Reid.

That flight attendant really is a big de-botoxed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck should make sure her community doesn't get anymore Medicare or Medicaid for refusing to do a Lewinsky on his arrogant streak.

These politicians are playing god...and they know it. If not being able to talk on the phone bunches up Chuky's panties then maybe he thought he was looking in the mirror when he was using such a vile word to describe someone trying to make him follow the kinds of rules he sets for (apparently) just the rest of us.

He should consider himself lucky he didn't face the consequences of asking for orange juice like us little people.

HOLY CRAP!!! I think I miss Jimmy Carter.

Thats why public opposition for the health care bill is overwhelming and they are going to pass it anyway, because this has nothing to do with the will of the people...Its about flexing power and taking control. Unfortunately, much like the pairing of leggings with skirts ala the 80's (women...seriously? I thought we were over this...) the disastrous consequences of all of this will be left for the congress a generation from now.

Somebody shoot me while we're still allowed to have guns.

The only thing I have left to be sad about is that its going to take a generation before we find out how the Democrats will blame Republicans when its realized this is the worst piece of legislation since the Smoot Hawley Tariff that practically caused the Great Depression.