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Newsweek Is Not Sexist Because Conservatives Aren't Tender Humans Like Major Hasan

As a general rule...when anyone in the mainstream media tries to tell you something is bad for conservatives, its probably the elixir of life for them.

Take the latest cover of Newsweek graced by Sarah Palin for instance.

Naturally the cover, and the context Newsweek tries to put Palin in sparked some outrage, and it should. While I'm not sure in what way the sexist label is being leveled, I agree that at the very least she would never ever have been treated this way if she were a man or a liberal woman or Rachel Maddow's love child with Clay Aiken (I'm still trying to figure out how she was impregnated by Maddow).

The most outrageous quote from the article has to be a quote from a woman named Nina Berman:

Barack Hussein Obama, on the cover of every magazine in the store, he's a media whore that we adore, mmmm mmmm mmmm

"The Newsweek cover is a shrewd strategic maneuver to demean Palin without having to take responsibility for it. I think it's brilliant. They take an inelegantly, even laughably propped photo where Palin is an obvious participant as opposed to being a manipulated subject, and recontextualize it to show how far out she is willing to travel on the road of self promotion. They beat her at her own game and in the process shield themselves from what would have been the inevitable criticism if they had dolled her up themselves and posed her the same way."

She deserves it because shes a shameless self promoter? I don't know...maybe 'lil Ninnie has a point...I many magazine covers does someone have to appear on before its enough?(if you wanna know rollover and click to find out)

Still don't get it? How about trying to Google "Sarah Palin magazine cover"

(Isn't AWESOME how "risque sarah" made it to the top of that search result?)

Yeah I know thats apples to oranges...fair enough...from president to president go ahead and google "George W Bush magazine cover"

Most over-exposed president ever

It becomes abundantly clear...quickly...that their appearances on magazine covers isn't the same media cornucopia that Obama gets to indulge in...thats just magazines, I haven't even covered social networking and guesting on shows like David Letterman over and over again, and the t-shirts and musical numbers in our children's class rooms.

But Palin is the one who is shamlessly exposed...

Remember the popular clique in high school everyone wanted to be and be with...the same group that you realize AFTER graduating high school only had that power because they said they did?

Thats what America's mainstream media has become.

In the end I wouldn't really care about their bias if they would just finally out themselves instead of this farce that they are some kind of objective purveyor of world current events. We need to stop calling biological masses, like Helen Thomas, who get erections over Barack Obama "journalists."