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1,990...The Cliffs Notes Version

****Authors Note: I'm going to try something new with the blog posts in that there will be "easter eggs" of sorts. If you mouse over something and it becomes a hand then CLICK ON IT!!! It'll show you something that would normally go unnoticed. Other times a simple rollover or roll out will suffice. Since this is the first time I'll throw you a big bone so you can see what I mean...put your mouse over "by Dr. Nancy Pelosi." As I get better at the coding surprises like these will get better too! The idea is to be more entertaining and conceptual with the blogs. I hope you like/enjoy/appreciate this new and different approach!****

To commemorate the one week anniversary of Nancy Pelosi unveiling her 1990 page healthcare bill that went from 900 billion to 1.2 trillion in "telling-the-truth point zero" seconds...I decided I wanted to give my shorthand translation of the bill....each line represents roughly 1 page of the bill....

Considering the fact that while the bill is actually DOUBLE the number of pages of the last effort to take over your medicine cabinet, and Pelosi expects a vote on it this week, I wanted to pay tribute to the spirit of the bill in what it says, what it means, and what it will do.

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Charting a Different Course

Having been acutely aware of the lackluster nature of my last few blog posts, and also as part of seeking a way to be...different....but not Chaz Bono different (by the way...WHAT IS UP with the daughters of Republican politicians and their haywire daddy complexes? With Alan Keyes, and Dick Cheney's daughters thrown into the mix they almost have enough to form a proper bowling team). The Looking Spoon will try to start capitalizing on its mission of striving for creatively making the case for conservatism in not only its art and poetry and satire headlines, but also through "regular" blog posts.

As a result it will no longer be a typical blog that is read, especially in the conservative blogosphere...I'm going to chart a different course for the blog proper of The Looking Spoon.

I've had ideas swirling in my head since I starting TLS on how to be different, more fun, make the blog something to be experienced more than read...I'm going to finally act on all of this. So I'll be going on a mini-hiatus (just a couple of days really...still bringing the headlines daily though) to sort this out.

Look for the first of the "new" type of blog later this week.

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