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The Plan Is To Have No Plan

Well, on the eve of another election cycle the GOP officially stands for Got nO Plan

I saw a Wall Street Journal other day that alluded to the GOP strategy of 2010 is to use Nancy Pelosi to hang the Democrats as a whole. Here is the best passage from the article (if ya wanna get all lazy liberal on me and not click the link to read it):

"The Republican strategy is aimed at retaking centrist districts where Democrats have sometimes won election by persuading voters that they aren't beholden to liberals such as Ms. Pelosi.

"These campaigns have become national," said Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.), who heads the recruiting of Republican House candidates. "Some people say, 'I personally like my current Congress member, but I don't like the way Congress is going.' Then they find out someone voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time."

Democrats say the tactics simply show the Republicans are lacking in constructive ideas. "It's been a proven failure," said Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which coordinates the Democratic House campaigns. "I'd sum it up by saying, 'Been there, done that, didn't work.' "

I really hate to say it...but Rep. Van Hollen is about half right. Republicans ARE lacking constructive ideas, but like the New Kids On The Block comeback, Snuggies, and a bottle of Viagra bundled with nude photos of Rosie Odonnell, it might actually work.

It has, after all, been working for the Democrats since 2006. Can anyone think of a house chant...that Democrats campaigned about that didn't involve "George W. Bush sucks" in the slogan? Even now Obama still uses Bush as a scapegoat!

Really, at this point the only thing left to blame Bush for is the stigma attached to having Hussein for a middle name.

Has this become what passes for normal political strategy now? Rallying to victory on the flaws and failures of our enemies? Obama won because America was on a steady diet of disillusionment and frustration, as we can all see now campaigning for president using ambiguous monosyllabic bumper sticker slogans is like trying to get fat on a bowl of air soup.

Its not like Republicans have to think any more than they already do, but it wouldn't hurt if they might actually bring the IQ meter back to 0. Really though, the pundits and bloggers and think tanks give them all the ammo they need throw at liberal policies and rhetoric that really just need to be rebutted with common sense. Facts should be like icing on the cake when you're debating a liberal (don't use that metaphor when arguing with Michael Moore).

Will the GOP make any gains next year? Right now yes outweighs no, but the victory will be hollow, meaningless, and very very temporary if they don't figure out that there needs to be a vision that inspires the country to take a chance on them.