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why He must fail (and the capital "H" doesn't mean God)

***Note: While its published today this was written before the grand announcement that Obama should be commended for his peace efforts before having a chance to actually be president, that makes this post all the more relevant***

Before he was president there were breathless reports that Obama was just too hard to make fun of....(unfortunately a subscription to The Hollywood Reporter is required to view the full article,  if you want to purchase it go for it...or maybe petition the money from congress. Surely there's cash for this clunker of an idea).

Anyone who has even had a whiff of this blog knows how flat out wrong the articles premise is without going even one syllable in to it.

Not only is it not impossible to joke about Obama, we're not even a year into his administration  and its actually becoming the punchline.

If its not that he's hard to lampoon liberals are frothing about its the notion that conservatives want him to "fail." Some conservatives shy away from this, others have candidly owned up to the notion.

I don't just want his failure to be political, I want it to be personal. As harsh as that gets its his own fault. People didn't elect a president last year, they voted for a personality, election night coverage on Fox was the first time I had ever watched American Idol.

There was screaming and singing and throwing of the panties, and then they had to make Biden calm down before the crowd noticed.

Seriously though, there have been times that I wondered if the mindset of the country turned toward a more authoritarian disposition. I'm not talking about the signs making him look like Hitler that have liberals in a tizzy and Nancy Pelosi crying crocodile tears about Ryan Seacrest becoming the next Harvey Milk

By the way, have you ever noticed how that joke is never offensive, but when Ann Coulter calls this



a "fag" she gets lynched....but I digress...


You know the Obama/Hitler signs I'm talking about...signs like



oops let me try again.



No no no thats not offensive either! Let me try again....



 Oh look, its Obameshiah parting the country! Getting closer...



Getting much hotter....(translation is "our last HOPE")


Oh screw know the ones I mean.

Then there are the commemorative books and magazines and books and magazines and tributes and plates and coins and the photoshopping his head on Lincoln and FDR and comparing him to JFK and on and on....ALL of it BEFORE HE SPENT A SINGLE DAY AS PRESIDENT!.

Then there's the ad nauseum appearances on literally everything but Fox News and High Times (he showed up for the cover photo shoot...its just that they forgot about it). Then we have to plop our kids down in front of the TV to listen to him address the kids....just like the times when Bush did it....wait a second....

Really the straw that broke my back was the chanting kids, now its personal because the kids are being programmed to love this man as if we live in Castro's Cuba...and he hasn't said word one about how teachers need to knock this crap off. Its unconscionable.

When I say I want failure it completely transcends the growing liberal/conservative divide, its about making sure Americans stay American. We can't do that when we have an unhealthy level of expectation, admiration, and celebration of any man, especially our president. Obama's zombies need to come back to earth, they need their bubbles to burst with such a blast that it makes the A-bomb look like a cap gun.