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Officer Levi Fife...

So a couple of days ago Kathy Griffin guest hosted Larry King Live (which is a misnomer on King's part but I digress) and for some reason Levi Johnston got to be on it with her. I guess those D-listers have to stick together. I didn't watch the whole segment, because I know my physical reaction to it will give me insight on how swine flu feels, but there was one little exchange that I found interesting:

GRIFFIN: ....Can we please talk about Miley Cyrus' performance? OK, let's cut to it. First of all, Miley Cyrus was at the Teen Choice Awards. She comes out in the set of a trailer, which is clearly her own home that they drove out there. She comes out in sexy hot pants, and started grinding, and then went and did a number on the stripper pole.

Then, Levi, who is 19, turns to me and says, isn't she 16? That shocked you, Levi. And you're 19.

JOHNSTON: It did. She did her little thing on the pole. I thought it was a bit inappropriate for the Teen Awards.

GRIFFIN: I agree. You know, even though I'm older than you -- I just turned 24 -- still I think it was too much.

Right on! Way to speak out Levi you're awes-


Isn't this the guy who knocked up a 17 year old girl? So lets get this straight, teenage girls should only ride poles that produce out of wedlock babies....RIGHT Levi?

Nonsense like this is like nails on a chalkboard for me, because he is right, but when did the morality police give this guy a badge?

Also, when is anyone going to zap this guy for his unearned fame? The media wont stop going on about how Palin quit being governor to cash in on her national fame giving speeches and making millions to pay for undeserved legal fees. Teenage boys impregnate their girlfriends every day, but this one gets the adulation of the media because his little guys made it with the daughter of a woman who almost became vice president AND....well.....I don't really know what else there is to it.

At least Sarah Palin has done things of consequence in this life. All Johnston did was win the mother load of all life's lotteries. If Bristol Palin's mother wasn't who she was he'd be just another Jerry O'Connell in "Can't Hardly Wait" crashing Homecoming Dances at his old high school and bragging to freshman girls that he "used to run this place" in pathetic attempts to give Tripp some half-siblings.