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"Defending the Status Quo"

"The president praised Congress today for taking their first small steps toward health care reform - then pleaded with them to pick up the pace.

We can't kick the can down the road any longer. Deferring reform is nothing more than defending the status quo.".....yes President Obama, uh, yeah

Yes we can
kick that can
can you dig it?
I need to stay fit
And keep my health
So I can
To protect myself

From your flim flam health plan

So kick that can!
'Cuz I don't wanna be scared
Of getting sick
Around you man!

Put that to a beat and you've got one hot mess, word........................

................So is mental health covered in the plan? Or is that, like, a conflict of interest for Congress?

Really though, at this point the only hope I have left is that people figure out change isn't inherently good like the soon to be public burdens of double cheeseburgers, cheese stuffed pizza, cheese stuffed cheese, and anything else people enjoy as consolation to the real garbage politicians continue to bring to our lives. Sure, all the stuff I just mentioned are bad for you and bring health problems that the public dole will naturally not tolerate, but I would rather be allowed to get fat and have a heart attack than be told how to take care of my health by "BHO the Chain Smokin' Ho".

Change change change change change change change change change change change..........see?!? This post isn't getting any better at all.

To be sure, change can be good.

After a week I finally changed my underpants.....I turned them inside out.

Welcome to Obamacare in a nutshell.

President Bush tried this kind of crap with the immigration issue. Fighting for the status quo isn't always a such a bad thing...sometimes we need to persuade politicians to keep punching us in the stomach in order to prevent them from kicking us in the teeth with steel toed boots (made in China)

Wait, if they do that then we can save billions in dental coverage, now I see what the Democrats are getting at with concept of preventative care.