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Who's Bad...No Really, I Don't Know Anymore

I don't want to belabor the issue or really go on about Michael Jackson or Sarah Palin and the activity (or rather, inactivity) that their names will be encountering...its gone on quite enough already. Both, in my humble opinion, have been celebrated way to much for being made out to be way more than they really are....Kind of like Krispy Kreme donuts, whipped cream, The Rolling Stones, high school prom, John Lennon, chocolate ice cream, and Lindsay Lohan nipple slips.

The one difference of course is I would be happy to host Palin as a guest in my home....and the same would be true of Jackson if by home I mean prison and by host I mean warden. Which brings me to the title of this post...we seem confused about who to celebrate.

The attention generated by both over the last couple of weeks has really created this dichotomy about good and evil. The mourning over Michael Jackson, who to put it nicely....was told by his sanity to "beat it" after being overridden on his suggestion that "Billy Jean" be changed to "Billy and Gene"...has been more excessive than President Obama's green movement, which incidentally has nothing to do with the environment and more to do with the printing of money to please wheel barrow industry lobbyists by making a postage stamp cost $1042 (but I digress, in parenthesis, because maybe its not that obvious).

So the man could sing and dance...ever been to a gay night club? LOTS of men know how to sing and dance.

Then there's Sarah Palin, who is far from perfect and never hides it and never expects others to expect it. She rose in politics on a reputation of honesty of all things, and while I think when it comes to national politics there's more actual substance in a vacuumed vacuum than a Palin speech (for now...this could change so calm down you Palin acolytes out there) you have to look far and wide in the political world for someone more honorable and good than her.

The savaging she has been getting from people who probably can't even find Alaska on a map (liberals control the education system...remember?) has been truly eye opening through the lense of Michael Jackson adoration.

A jury finding you not guilty does not equal innocent, and the man has done nothing to inspire confidence he actually is either of those things.

Meanwhile Palin has done nothing more that exist and that has made her deserving of what is becoming a commonplace 21st century blitzkrieg: "News" media hack jobs and legal wranglings that reveal one of the ultimate flaws of a free and democratic system.

Its benevolence becomes the best friend of tyrannical axe grinders who wish to establish dictatorship over it and the lives of others (can't they just be happy playing The Sims?).

I don't have any solutions...I'm just sayin'.