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Paris McCain

I intended for the one post I wrote last April about Meghan McCain to really be the only one I write about this political celebutante. However, I caught some of the tweets of her Twitter feed today, the one year anniversary of her officially becoming a registered Republican, and I think she'll have to become a more regular target since she is making brazen plays for power in the Republican Party. I suspect the tweets I found are not only regular for her, but they are particularly irritating to read coming from someone who hasn't even begun to pay her dues.

No jokes for this one...just real straight talk, so take notes John.

Tweets from the her twitter feed June 12:

"I agree we've lost our way, but were going to rebuild and people like Governor Huckabee are not going to be the ones to guide us..."

I don't understand people that still deny there is a branding problem going on within the party, what more proof do they need?!?

this is one of those days that I am beyond exhausted with being called a RINO, who the hell even coined that stupid term?

If daddy wasn't senator or candidate for president this silly little girl would BARELY be qualified to be a precinct captain in her own neighborhood by now. As a lifelong Republican from a Republican family who has done REAL WORK for the party and not pontification that gets adoration from liberals in the media because it matches their thinking more than it does sincerely registered Republicans, it is really irritating to listen to a Johnny-Come-Lately like her tell ME how my party needs to be branded.

I should back up a little bit...I WAS a lifelong Republican, I reregistered to independent in 2006 specifically because of the irresponsibility to the cause being a "moderate" like John McCain was bringing.

place for me and fellow moderates within the GOP. Are we going to kick people out of the GOP? How is that possibly the answer...

It isn't the answer, and nobody is saying we should commit RINO genocide except purist kooks who think moderate is code for leftist (you know who you are...and there are pills for your condition).

The problem with her moderate crusade is that the moderates of the party aren't trying to serve as a check conservative excess, they are vying for control of the party. This is a problem because in many instances their platform is basically Democrat light. When people have a choice between the knock-off and the real deal....well....

History is not on Meghan McCain's side, her father exploited Ronald Reagan during the 2008 presidential race, but yet she thinks Reagan's vision isn't going to lead the party out of the darkness it's in?!?

ITS THE ONLY THING THAT WILL LEAD US OUT OF IT! The party must define itself as something different than the majority...why the hell would people want to vote for our ideas if we're just halfway aping the opposition?

In the end I don't really resent her opinions, even though I strenuously believe they're wrong. I resent the way she has been brought to celebrity and how she views it as an opportunity to reshape a party she frankly barely belongs to (to say nothing of her father) and hasn't done a damn thing to earn that clout.

Meghan McCain is indeed the Paris Hilton of the Republican Party.