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I'm Sure Spock Would Find This All To Be Fascinating

Sorry about the title....I saw the new Star Trek and it was AWESOME.

Its not nearly as awesome though as the backwards bizarro world I'm finding myself in where roughing up someone for information only works on "24" and "UFC Apprentice" (oh man I would love to see Trump try to fire one of those guys).

On the subject of "enhanced interrogation" this guy....

Ali Soufan, an FBI special agent from 1997 to 2005, told members of a key Senate Judiciary subcommittee that such "techniques, from an operational perspective, are ineffective, slow and unreliable, and harmful to our efforts to defeat al Qaeda." 

I would love to spend the rest of this post making some sort of semi-intellectual case that points out that saying "torture" doesn't work is like saying water is dry, but I want to keep my brain cells alive through mental stimulation so I will say this:

Through the years liberalism has been viewing common sense, to paraphrase Dennis Miller, as "utterly common." If UP acutally means UP to you then you must be some white-washed bourgeois whose mind is closed tighter than Hillary Clinton's legs on "anniversary night."

Of course physical coersion doesn't work...RIIIIIIIIIGHT....something tells me that Bill using the "lets talk" tactic would get him nowhere with Hillary, but Muslims on a quest to 72 virgin girls will be more cooperative.

If I may digress for a second, that's a really big assumption that the virgins will be girls...also how do they know that they're not just going to get a bunch of "born again" virgins with promiscuous pasts....and I'll bet location of the attack has something to do with the virgins you get because you never hear about any planned attacks on San Francisco.

Anyway, after all this time likening Bush to Hitler they now get to have the trial Hitler never had...not a bad for President Obama, whose mantra of change was supposed to mean looking toward the future. 

Lets be clear...the only difference between Bush and Hitler was indeed the mustache......


To play devils advocate, it is pretty unprecedented to target your predecessors administration because you thought their policies were yucky, maybe that was the kind of forward thinking he was talking about.

In the end the real problem with all of this is Soufan is an Arabic speaking Lebanese agent...naturally he'll have an easier go at getting terrorist to talk than Agent Bob would have. His stellar record of getting information from terrorists, in fact, includes casual encounters as he poses as one of them. So he can spare me the sanctimonious tone about how "enhanced" interrogation doesn't work because he doesn't need it.

Tampons aren't a very big deal to me, but you don't see me telling women they can't have them.