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Governor Patterson Can't See the True Desire for Gay Marriage

"There is clearly a problem in that those individuals who are gay or lesbian who would live in a civil union are still not entitled to somewhere between 1,250 and 1,300 civil protections" available to married couples, Paterson said. "We would like to try to address that at some point in the near future."

Really Governor Patterson? I would actually like to address this now because I didn't know there was even a dozen differences between the two....and don't give me this crap about them not being able to do things like will possessions away. When Leona Helmsley died she left this...

12 million dollars!

But a gay man can't leave his partner his Gucci loafers and subscription to The Adovacate...even if its notarized and signed in pretty coquelicot red blood?!?!

I heard a gay man once say "If a man ever gets down on one knee for me it better not be to propose." While I don't doubt at all the sincerity of love in serious same-sex relationships PLEASE knock it off with the straw man arguments and just admit that you want it because you were told you can't have it already.

Believe me I get it, as a commercial artist its hard to be doing art for other people all the time and not have you're own personal outlet.....I mean, how many wedding dresses are men in fashion going to design before they break down and want to walk down the aisle in one themselves?

I'm just sayin'...gays want marriage like its is going out of style...and unfortunately it is, which makes their timing ironic considering they're always on the cutting edge of it.