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36% of White People Are Still Living In Denial

The good news for President Obama is his popular support among blacks is holding steady at 91%.

The bad news is no other group of potential voters likes him that much.

In fact, 29 days before his first midterm elections, the Democrat's approval ratings remain mired below 50%.

new Gallup Poll this morning finds his approval rating for September was 45%, almost the same as August's 44%. Obama's not exceeded the crucial 50% level in a single month so far this year.

Read the rest at the Los Angeles Times here

The same poll says only 36% of whites still haven't given in to their latent racist streak and still "approve" of Obama's performance in the Oval Office.

More than anything this poll clearly highlights the patience the black community has displayed watching Obama bend over backwards trying to please you white people...I mean, look at this picture...

The dude is BATHED IN WHITE FOR YOU RACIST CRACKA INGRATES. And the freakin' thanks he gets is only 36% of you approve of the job his black skin is doing?!?

Don't give me any of this rah rah Martin Luther King NONSENSE about how it's the content and character of his socialist policies you don't like, and that race has nothing to do with you wanting strong national defense, or lower taxes, or national health care taken back, or secure borders and a sane immigration policy.

Know whats really racist? ...NASCAR ...literally you guys

Don't tell me how much you like Oprah, or Kobe, or Colin Powell, and don't you dare start singing Michael Jackson songs like you miss him.

Its too late white people, sorry, even if you say you'll vote for him in 2012 we all know its only because you rejoined the guilt felt by the other 36% out there who kept their racist tendencies to themselves.

Its absolutely unconscionable that the black community has to keep Obama's approval rating hovering in the 40's all on their own, and the 9% who disapprove of him should be ashamed of themselves.