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NOW Obama Wants to Kick Ass?

Is this President Obama when he's angry? Seriously?

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Once again he breaks the boundaries of presidential decorum. This guy isn't the president of a college fraternity. He is one of only 43 people in the history of a nation of hundreds of millions who have had the honor and privilege to hold one of the greatest positions of power in the history of mankind.....and he's looking for an "ass to kick?"

Yeah, Matt Lauer prodded him, but THATS MATT LAUER. He is the PRESIDENT. Shouldn't someone be the adult here? Whats worse is Lauer said "kick butt," Obama turned it into "ass." It was totally gratuitous for him to do that.

I'm starting to miss TOTUS

If he wants to talk like that behind his beloved closed doors then by all means go for it, but knock it off with the foul language on national television. Children look up to you and I'm sure their parents don't want to compete with your mouth.

Can you imagine if either President Bush or Ronald Reagan talked like that? ME NEITHER! It wouldn't happen! It didn't happen!

Thats how the DNC moves their agenda forward

For crying out loud Reagan couldn't bring himself to take off his jacket when he was in the Oval Office, meanwhile Democrats get oral sex, drop f-bombs on hot mics, and say "ass" on national television like its on their presidential bucket list.

If Obama thinks he was on this from the beginning then he should hand that memo to Bobby Jindal and David Vitter, who demanded dredging and sand berms for WEEKS before they got permits Obama could've had issued in an instant. Instead, they come after oil hits that states coast.

The reaction to this has been a joke, literally, because when this all broke Obama was playing around with the Jonas Brothers at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

NOW Obama wants to KICK ASS?!? He can't have it, he's not a fit for that part, but I have another role in mind for him...

Obama Jack Ass

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