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How to Spin Conservative "Hate Speech" in Three Easy Steps

I received an email from my friend Greg over at Modern Conservative (full disclosure: I contribute to that site) about how GOP headquarters in certain parts of Arizona are now getting retaliation threats for the actions of the thoroughly unconservative Jared Loughner. This got me thinking about how perilous it could be to alert the media about this because it might be turned around more quickly than Obama's Christian apathy.

(To digress for a second: Obama went to church last weekend, some were saying Hell froze over, others - not naming names, but that person rhymes with "me" - think it got a little hotter....)

So, how would the media spin this into an attack by some right-wing nutjob?

1. Take a letter put together by some left-wing crazy (running on the outside assumption they even exist).

Top 10 U.N. Slogans

2. Forge it to make it look like it came from the right (click to see the full size)

Top 10 U.N. Slogans

Note the waxy crayon buildup of the GOP logo, convincing use of scotch tape, typewriter font, and apparent attempt to cover up misspelling "letterhead".

3. Find someone dumb enough to believe it's real...

Top 10 U.N. Slogans

After last week we now know that list is very VERY short....right?.........Guys?