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Biden Clarifies Telling Dems to 'Buck Up'

Biden buck up

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Alan Grayson's Unbelievable Dishonesty

Remember how Florida Congressman Alan Grayson revealed to the world his shade of psycho during the ObamaCare debate when he said Republicans health care plan was to just "die?" Well, get a load of what he did to his Republican opponent Daniel Webster (you have to watch both videos)....

I've followed the news pretty closely almost my entire adult life, and if there was a Republican out there that did anything half this bad even Aboriginies in the outback whose tv consists of the cardboard box it came in, backlit by campfire, and transmit shadows from hand puppets would know about it.

Forget wondering how that rat bastard sleeps at night, who the hell agreed to produce this video for him in the first place? How do those pieces of human garbage sleep at night?

And worst of all, this guy is going to get a lot of people voting for him, how does anyone with a brain and a conscience vote for this guy? Even if you HATE Republicans, you can't set that aside for one lousy election to give this jerk his comeuppance? REALLY?

I can be pretty fast and loose with my approach but I'm going to pledge right here and now that I will never take anything I talk about out of context.

You may get out of me jokes and sillyness, and sometimes a little bit of rude...but I will always shed things in an honest light.

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A Missed Opportunity For Our Kids

In the early days of this blog the primary focus was a webcomic. It had somewhere between 6-9 panels and was released every week. I got to almost 20 issues when it became too difficult to maintain with my schedule.

Drawing cartoons is one of the loves that led me to doing what I do now. The Photoshop stuff is great, but I miss it, so I'm going to try to add a NEW webcomic to the mix...starting.....TODAY!

Don't know what the schedule will look like, maybe Monday-Wednesday-Friday

missed opportunity

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Fox News Saved America

I didn't say it...Drinking With Bob did<---(more videos here)...

I'm Jared McAndersen and I endorse that message...

missed opportunity

and that one...

You can catch more about this story at The Blaze and CNN

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Why Obama Supporters Are So 'Exhausted'

Don't get me wrong...I'm a happily married man, but sometimes...

Obama ball and chain

Just sayin'...

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For Once I Agree with Nancy Pelosi on Something

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said she still expects to have her job in five weeks after voters head to the polls. 

Pelosi, the top Democrat in the House, whose job as speaker makes her third in line to the presidency, said she would retain that position. 

“I fully expect to be speaker of the House five weeks from now,” Pelosi said at a NBC/Universal women's forum in Manhattan, as reported by the New York Times

read the rest at The Hill

For the first time in my life I can say I completely agree with Nancy...and now Satan wants back the jacket I borrowed from him.

There is no question she will be the Speaker of the house 5 weeks from now, she'll get to keep that gavel until January 2011.....idiot.


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I'm Having Trouble Figuring This Picture Out

Is Rahm Emmanuel getting ready for his return to Chicago, or is this rat a victim of Christine O'Donnell's dabbling in witchcraft?

If you haven't heard the story check it here (from iOwnTheWorld)

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A New Movie About the Democrats?

Not sure if this is action, mockumentary...documentary...

Obama Terrorist Sponge

To see the little stuff you can view the full res version by clicking the image (as usual)

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The Last Best Hope Video

I've seen a few videos similar to this. I think this one is of the best ones out there. You can find it at Death By 1000 Papercuts.

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O'Donnell Didn't Dabble in Evolution?

Here is Chris Coon's HBO campaign manager with another infomercial on Christine O'Donnell

Did Seth McFarlane say he would've "wrecked" her? Someone needs to remind him that "Family Guy" is just a cartoon. People watch it for the stupid jokes. Cartoons don't "wreck" people, sorry Seth. Even South Park doesn't actually "wreck" people, and Mr. Family Guy, you are no South Park.

Want the ultimate proof cartoons don't wreck people? Barney Frank was elected to congress in spite of Elmer Fudd, Nancy Pelosi was elected in spite of Cruella de Vil, and Joe Biden was elected in spite of himself.

Now that I got that narcissist out of the way, what the heck is Bill Maher's problem? I would've loved it if he was willing to show us if O'Donnell ever was given the chance to finish her thoughts on evolution. Instead it has to cut back to him hemming and hawing about putting a creationist in the Senate.

SHHHH! Don't give Obama any czar ideas!

Unless a tax for human gills is on the Democrat's agenda I need someone to help me understand which issue a Senator tackles that not believing in evolution would affect. To me the real question isn't "is evolution real", it's "so what?" Its not like she's running for Science Czar.

Are voters in Delaware who want less government, lower taxes, and stronger national defense really expected to vote for the Marxist in the race because Darwin's honor must be preserved?

Listen up Delaware, the chick who thinks evolution is a myth isn't focused on taking away your money like that Marxist Chris Coons is. So don't worry about the girl who doesn't understand why "monkeys don't evolve in the time it takes to watch them." Worry about the dude who wants to make your money disappear in the time it takes to make it.

If you've reached this far and you still care I have a slightly more eloquent way of stating O'Donnell's position on evolution:

  1. God created the heavens and the earth
  2. God created man
  3. When we die maybe He will tell us how he did it.

I know Maher finds that to be an offensive position to take, after all, if God is so all-knowing, and powerful, and good then why do guys like Maher get TV shows?

In the end this whole debate is pointless. If a manuscript by Charles Darwin detailing a confession that the entire theory was crafted as a goof to help some friend of his with two tongues and three index fingers and a penis shaped like a wishbone feel like a scientifically-justified mutant sex machine liberals like Maher would treat it the same way they treat the East Anglia emails exposing global warming for the fraud it is.

Maher focuses on this non-sequiter because the atheist orthodoxy anchors their faith on things like evolution. So they feel threatened by Christians like O'Donnell, and they mask their bigotry with ridicule.

You know what......whatever Bill, I'll take her over Hank Johnson, the guy who thinks Guam might capsize any day.

By the way, I kind of hope that guy gets re-elected because I want to know his thoughts on if colonizing clouds would lead to the gentrification of Heaven, and then wait to see how long it will take for Bill Maher to say "well, at least he believes in evolution" right before pushing a button that begs for

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