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War on Terror Credit Tally: Obama vs Bush

Frank J over at IMAO has been keeping score on who gets credit on the war on terror.

The current tally is Obama 2, Bush 4.

See why he "generously" gave Obama 2 points here.

Apparently Obama did it by sending in the elite Dick Cheney Assassination Squad based on a thread of intel, who was waterboarded after being nabbed in Iraq.

So really that's like Obama scoring in his own goal, thrice. If it's true the real tally should be.

Obama 0, Bush 7.

Since, liberals fight terror like they're playing air hockey, the game would technically be over at this point, and they just got skunked.

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Top 10 Last Thoughts of Osama bin Laden

A friend on Facebook asked what was going through the mind of the Seal who killed Osama bin Laden. My response was:

The line from the song Kelly Clarkson sang when she won American Idol...

"I can't believe it's happening to me. Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this."

Obviously this isn't what really what was going through his head...I don't think they're supposed to allow such wimpy songs into their brains.

However, it did get me wondering...before he died what was the last thing that went through bin Laden's head...other than the bullet...


10. Oh look, an E-vite to the ribbon cutting of the Ground Zero Mosque.

9. Seriously, if I ever accidentally allow my iPhone to "use my current location" I'm gonna blow my brains out.

8. I wish Biden was president, then my videos would only have to be two words, "meep meep!"

7. My dear wife I'm married to you, not my work. I would never let anything come between us.

6. Alright, more fan mail! I sure am glad Hollywood celebrities can keep a secret.

5. WTF...why did Facebook delete my "If I get 1 million fans I will legally change my name to Osama Sandiego" page?!?

4. Hey, can someone tell me why Biden just tweeted "toomorow is goin 2 b a big f**king deel?"

3. Let's see if I have any new followers on Twitter....when did the CIA start a profile?

2. I swear, seals are so freakin' cute! I hope I actually see one before I die.

1. I have to get ready, that call girl I found on Craigslist will be here any minute.

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Osama bin Laden's New Gig

Now that he has been handed an untimely resignation as CEO of al Qaeda whats next for this freshly minted free agent?

Who said second bananas couldn't have a second banana?

If you're not familiar with Jeff Dunham, and his character Achmed the Dead Terrorist, then you're in for a treat below...

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Well, I Guess We Don't Need An Election Now

I'm ok with the left gloating over this. Like everything else they do this will have a honeymoon period and then *poof* its gone.

Here's a comment left by one of my most persistent liberal trolls at this post today.

"conservatives" [sic] start wars. Progressives finish them!!!! ;-)

Digest that for a second, the war is now over?!? Barack Obama has ENDED the war against al Qaeda?

Lets take this even further...Democrats started the Korean war, and Eisenhower ended it. Democrats started Vietnam and Nixon ended it. Democrats started the Cold War, and Bush/Reagan ended it. On no level is this statement factual or correct.

Bloggers and commentators put up with kooks all the time, so it would be easy to write this moron off.

The problem is today on The View, Joy Behar, who I now realize poofs her hair as high as she does to hide the fact there is absolutley nothing in her head, thinks we should skip the next election, and she's only joining the chorus of liberal Johnny-come-lately's to the war hawk bandwagon that was built only a few hours ago.

Lets get something straight, liberals, when I go to the bathroom I remember to drop my pants first, that's about how much intelligence Barack Obama needed to authorize this operation.

That's right, AUTHORIZE. He didn't plan it, he didn't execute it, he didn't do anything to actually gather the intel needed to make sure it was even worth executing. He simply ok'd the hard work of others, which is to his credit, but IT ENDS THERE!


The United States military created a masterpiece of a fingerpainting at school and Obama hung it on his fridge. While that's a good thing, and we don't need to cancel any elections over it, this is a man who has turned our economy into a broken outhouse. He is steering our government's credit rating toward a cliff that bottoms out at Hell, and the only business benefiting from his presidency are golf ball manufacturers.

This is hardly the ace up his sleeve he'll need in any of the coming presidential debates that will shut down his GOP challenger...I mean, really now...

    GOP guy: This president has recklessly piled a trillion dollar entitlement on top of our already trillion dollar deficits

    Obama: Don't let that right-wing flabbajabba make you forget that my health care bill lead to the whereabouts and death of Osama bin Laden!

    GOP guy: that Biden in a mask?.....Uh, why has your "stimulus" not reduced unemployment as promised?

    Obama: Look at this picture of Osama with his eyeballs shot out and tell me the stimulus isn't working!

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and Obama is slightly smarter than one of those. Having said that, I now don't want liberals to ever accuse me of never saying anything nice about their guy.


**UPDATE** iOwnTheWorld said all of this in a much more succinct way here.

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Biden Laments On What Osama's Death Means For Birthers

Remember, there is never a situation where "insert Biden joke here" wont work.

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Giving Credit Where It's Due On Osama bin Laden's Death

I found this in my surfing for what happened with the demise of the most wanted man in history other than Hitler...

We have to give credit where it's due. Osama bin Laden was "had" on Obama's watch. YES, I know the it was the military's good work that got the SOB, but Obama is the commander-in-chief. He obviously had to know what was going on with this operation. So the animation isn't really all that out of line.

Nonetheless, I know this pushes some buttons with my conservative friends. I didn't create that animation, my DNA has a fail safe mechanism that would shut my body down before I could even conceive creating it.

That said, we definitely don't want to forget the coattails Obama rode into this victory for America. So I fixed it...

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Remember The Controversy Over Burning The Quran?

Well, BigFurHat over at iOwnTheWorld has a friendly reminder of the liberal perspective on that in a post he titled "Leftist Logic Dictates That Killing bin Laden Is Stupid and Dangerous"...

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Osama Bin Laden is FINALLY Dead

After almost 10 long years, the victims of 9-11 have justice. See the ABC News Story here.

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Deferring to McCain's Judgment On Trump..

Trump stumpers take note, here's a headline today from CBS news.

McCain: Trump not a "serious" candidate.

Arizona Sen. John McCain on Sunday brushed off the idea that Donald Trump could be perceived as a "serious" Republican presidential contender, arguing that while the business magnate seemed to be "having a lot of fun," the GOP had "very serious" candidates in the field who would be focusing on more serious issues.

(click the headline for the story)

McCain knows exactly what he's talking about takes one to know one.

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A Modest Proposal to Help Mitt Romney with his "Hang Obama" Gaffe

Oh ho ho boy did Mitt Romney step in it now!

Oh man! Did you get that? He wants to hang Barack Obama....from a tree....while wearing starched bed sheets. Yup, that's what he said!

Orwell.....I mean....Or, well, what I mean is I saw this Huffington Post story, and then I saw these tweets posted at Legal Insurrection, then I put 2 and 2 together and kept coming up with 5....which is how it felt...and 4 out of 5 public school teachers can't be wrong!

I'm not surprised by this at all, he hails from Massachusetts a state that gave us Barney Frank. That guy is so racist that when picking a minority status he decided he'd rather be gay.

So here's my modest proposal, lets just completely destroy the word "hang." By "lets" I mean "me." You don't even have to do anything. I plan on doing it singlehandedly by taking the following:

In There
Don't Leave Me

By my count that is 12 terms or parts of words/terms that use "hang" or "hanging" in it. I'm going to adopt 12 black children from Africa, and each of them are going to be named one of these 12 terms. Then, anytime anyone uses the "harmless" (but WE know better) slang they are associated with I'm going to make them regret they were ever born...because I'm going to tweet about it.

Am I overreacting to this? Um, no! I think Mitt Romney is under-reacting to his racist tendencies. Remember people, denial is the first sign you have a problem, and Mitt has only admitted (clearly) that he is sensitive to how people might perceive his problem.

Oh, by the way, don't worry about me actually getting 12 African kids, I've been searching for a long time for an excuse to wear take this shirt there...

See Mitt? There's a silver lining in every cloud!


Man, this post would give me Greek philosopher status, if only this were a liberal blog. Alas, I'm not a card carrying member of the Pee Wee Herman "I know you are but what am I" wing of American politics.


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