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If Tim Geithner Had A Mugshot...

Or rather, a smugshot...

I did this for my friend, The Tamminator, who has started doing a series and featuring these "smug shots." Check out her latest piece about Tiny Tim over at Hillbuzz, which you can see here.

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Obama's Ideal Golf Drive...

Repost of a favorite...

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Who Obama Was Really Thinking About During His U.N. Photo Gaffe

Find out what this is about here.

From Weasel Times & Stoat Intelligencer.

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The White House Has A Rodent Problem...

For the uninitiated, Pinky and the Brain are characters from the Warner Bros. cartoon Animaniacs (I watched it a lot when I was a kid)

They're lab mice. Pinky is just a complete moron. Brain is a supposed genius bent on world domination, but fails at everything he sets out to accomplish.

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Remember When The President Was A Hopiate For The Masses?

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Instructions On How To Help A Choking Liberal

From a cartoonist who goes by "Mr. Fish," see his work TruthDig

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Photobombing Rick Perry...

I couldn't decide which worked better, so I'll post both

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Alright, Who Gave Food Stamps To Michelle Obama?

Someone needs to do some 'splainin'....

Get the actual story behind this receipt here.

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President Obama's Secret Class Warfare Identity

Repost of a personal favorite...

Hey, class warfare needs a class warrior, right?

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Who We Are Really Taxing Millionaires For...

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