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A Nasty Side Effect Of When RINO's Endorse Democrats

A follow up to this post on Powell's continued defection from the party that helped him rise to where he is today. (h/t to @stoo for making me aware of the Powell pic)

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How Republicans Should Respond To Obama's Lies From Now On

It would probably be there permanently...

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Obama Is Ready For Mount Rushmore

Hilarious! From Diogenes' Middle Finger.

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The Two Faces Of Obama's View On Raising The Debt Ceiling

This is sort of a call back to my Liberal Supervillians post, guess who I said Obama was back then...

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The Key Reason Gun Control Is More About Control Than Guns

It seems to be redundant to keep making the point, but repetition is the only thing that ensures it will permeate the public's conscience.

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Colin Powell Went From American Hero To This In 126,144,000 Seconds

In case you missed it, yesterday on Meet The Press Colin Powell basically said Republicans are racist...

By the way, the number in the title is how many seconds are in 4 years, 2008-2012 has been a fantastic voyage for the good general.

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