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Obamacare helps illustrate the ULTIMATE hypocrisy of liberals on politics and religion

Brevity is the soul of wit, and that's the brilliance of memes like this one.

This has been something that frustrates me on a personal level, because for years and year and years we listen to liberals go on about conservative Christians being intolerant, uncaring Bible-thumpers while they brag about being given over to "FREE thinking" atheism (or at a minimum a secular world with religion is neither seen nor heard) where real charity is allowing government to provide healthcare for FREE.

Heh, yeah...FREE

It's amazing, people who completely reject Christianity and actually have no real knowledge of it impose their ignorant and incorrect preconceived notions on it all the time.

They don't know what it means to be Christian any more than they understand what charity is.

The truth is government "charity" actually kills real charity, because rather than have a charitable heart people relegate the "giving" to nameless and faceless employees who would only care about collecting an definitively uncharitable paycheck. This does NOTHING to enrich their own soul, it just feeds their narcissism that they're making some kind of difference when they're actually doing absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile healthcare provides a livelihood to people. So, it's not charity, it's a business. Platitudes about it being a "human right" or "putting people before profits," reality be damned, don't change this immutable fact. And imposing such ideology on the field of medicine destroys it and hurts lives.

THAT is not a very Christian (or generally decent) thing to do.

h/t iOwnTheWorld for initially posting the top image.