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Alan Grayson's Unbelievable Dishonesty

Remember how Florida Congressman Alan Grayson revealed to the world his shade of psycho during the ObamaCare debate when he said Republicans health care plan was to just "die?" Well, get a load of what he did to his Republican opponent Daniel Webster (you have to watch both videos)....

I've followed the news pretty closely almost my entire adult life, and if there was a Republican out there that did anything half this bad even Aboriginies in the outback whose tv consists of the cardboard box it came in, backlit by campfire, and transmit shadows from hand puppets would know about it.

Forget wondering how that rat bastard sleeps at night, who the hell agreed to produce this video for him in the first place? How do those pieces of human garbage sleep at night?

And worst of all, this guy is going to get a lot of people voting for him, how does anyone with a brain and a conscience vote for this guy? Even if you HATE Republicans, you can't set that aside for one lousy election to give this jerk his comeuppance? REALLY?

I can be pretty fast and loose with my approach but I'm going to pledge right here and now that I will never take anything I talk about out of context.

You may get out of me jokes and sillyness, and sometimes a little bit of rude...but I will always shed things in an honest light.