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Why Karl Rove Has ALWAYS Sucked...

I'm proud to say I have NEVER been a fan of Karl Rove. I'm sure hes a nice guy, but I think that he thinks politics is all a game...

That's why his ego was competing with his forehead when he trashed Christine O'Donnell for beating Mike Castle for the GOP's senate nomination in Delaware.

If you like Rove go ahead and look up the man's life story. Unless I missed the part where he spent some time mowing lawns as a kid I'm pretty sure Barack Obama has more experience working in the private sector than Rove does if we can prove he's masturbated more.

Rove's entire life has literally been politics. Either he never knew the world outside it or he has completely forgotten. I don't doubt the core of his world view is a conservative one, but for him renewing GOP control of congress means Republicans get to have it all their way in "The Game" again.

For him RINO's can be used to help the ball move forward, which, like communism, is a fine theory in paper and not quite realized in practice.

This isn't about beating Democrats, this is about literally taking the country back from people who are literally trying to transform it into something different. If that means losing a race or two because of principal THIS TIME. I'm willing to take that hit for the longer term vision of working to restore the principals of liberty, self-sufficiency, and "In God We Trust."

We can never make that case if voters don't understand the pain of the leftist alternative, and they sure as hell will NEVER understand that if our messengers are squishes who keep one foot in that pool.

"It does conservatives little good to support candidates who at the end of the day while they may be conservative in their public statements do not event the characteristics of rectitude, truthfulness and sincerity and character that the voters are looking for."

He thinks conservatives don't do themselves any good voting for an O'Donnell over a total RINO like Mike Castle. Where does that argument end? Once Castle gets elected it does us no good to unseat him as an incumbent, so we have to keep him in office now don't we?

The argument now becomes how conservatives don't want to lose the majority, so now we have to perpetually support ideological craters like Mike Castle, whose character hinges on which party strokes his ego the hardest. That's a hole we can never dig ourselves out of. Then the agenda will never move forward because of hacks like Rove convinced us that we need RINO's like him to win.

He thinks this because its conventional wisdom for someone who has spent his life sitting in the side-car of the motorcycle of power for so long he has absolutely no clue what real people, driving in their cars with their windows up and their talk radio blasting, are thinking anymore.

Remember, this guy has been given the legendary status of being George W. Bush's brain. Its no wonder, to me, how that presidency ended up being such an abject failure. Bush's presidency did conservatives little good.

He might disagree, but Barack Obama, and William Ayers, and Karl Marx wouldn't.