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The Looking Spoon Being Plagiarized

My work is being plagiarized by Lee Vanden Brink (

I BUST MY ASS to create the work you see at The Looking Spoon. I work full time, I have a family to provide for and take care of.

It is only when they go to sleep do I go to work. I suffer through 4-5 hours of sleep every day for this labor of love. This bastard erases all trace of The Looking Spoon and replaces it with the URL of his own blog.

Here are two examples OUT OF MANY:

If you are friends with this person please tell him to knock it off. Otherwise, if you are so inclined please leave comments on his blog, or FB page ( telling him to create his own damn work.


Here are a few offending examples:

This last example is interesting (but not the last of his offenses, by any means, I haven't even gotten into the fact that he's ripping off just about every conservative graphic in existence)...

I created this (original post here), but all I really did was add "liberalism is" to it. Someone else did the little lies looking like truth part, and because the idea wasn't actually mine AND I didn't alter the graphic in any meaningful way I didn't add my credit to it...but that didn't stop good 'ol Lee. This guy is a real something-that-rhymes-with "duck face."