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Why Is Our Media-Floozy President So Silent On Libya?

One of my favorite columnists in existence, Peggy Noonan, had a great piece today on how Obama owes the country an explanation of his actions in Libya.

As usual she is spot on. It's not like we're asking him to solve any problems, we just want him to give us an explanation. You'd think he'd treat that like we just asked him to celebrate pre-Christmas. He gets a script, a teleprompter, he doesn't have to answer any questions, and he'll speak from his desk, so doesn't even have to change out of his golf shorts!

But no, we wake up one day to find out that we're lobbing tomahawk missiles and potentially creating a global cous cous crisis, and we don't even get a flippin' magazine cover out of it?

For two years this guy chased cameras like he was going to cheat on Michelle with one of them, and now we don't get to find out why he's sending us into ANOTHER war.

The worst thing about all this is the left seems to be on the same side as us, but he's a Democrat so they're more interested in talking about the apparent conservative hypocrisy on this issue than the fact that their guy just Orwelled the word "unilateral."

This is supposedly not unilateral because Obama got a signed permission slip from the U.N. and then decided to go green by not making our own Congress waste any paper in drafting one of their own.

In other words, Obama hasn't acted unilaterally in the eyes of his fellow citizens of the world, just the Americans who elected and pay him to put them first.

Why is this different from how Bush handled Iraq? This can be the part of the post where liberals can check out and affirm their ignorance at the Firedoglake post linked above.

  1. Unlike Libya, the situation in Iraq (according to intelligence at the time) posed direct threat to American security. We never found the WMD's, and that is totally irrelevant to the fact that both liberals and conservatives agreed on this assumption. The impetus to act with military force stemmed from American national security and not squishy humanitarian whim.

  2. Iraq didn't have official U.N. approval, but MANY more countries joined the U.S. in the invasion than are acting now in Libya, and that's all anyone needs to know about the importance of permission coming from the U.N. on anything.

  3. Congress never formally declared war but AT LEAST THEY WERE IN THE LOOP when they resolved to authorize President Bush to use force.

  4. It may have been a big cluster f**k, but our objective was made very clear by Bush: to invade and disarm Iraq, depose Saddam Hussein, and help the Iraqi people establish an new self-determining government. What the hell is the desired endgame in Libya? To protect the rebels so they can continue warring indefinitely?

Is Gadaffi a POS? Hell yes he is! However, our government is not responsible for addressing ALL of the sphincter vomit of the world. It's job is to be responsible for just the sphincter vomit that poses a threat to us.

If that's not going to be the rule of thumb then the guy who breaks it has explaining to do....preferably before he goes on his next vacation.