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Tea Partiers Finally Caught Making Racist Remarks on Tape!

HAHA! Just kidding! It's a liberal rally for Common Cause. If you want to see the Tea Party saying what you're about to witness you need to find a writer, producer, director, and a cast of actors willing to put it together in Hollywood

Warning: This contains profanity, advocacy of torture, and death threats. Make sure your jaw is located under carpet or a fluffy pillow, on the floor and positioned to catch it.

So what does Common Cause have to say for themselves? Here's an excerpt of a letter featured at Big Journalism:

We condemn bigotry and hate speech in every form, even when it comes from those who fancy themselves as our friends.

Anyone who has attended a public event has encountered people whose ideas or acts misrepresented, even embarrassed, the gathering. Every sporting event has its share of "fans" whose boorish behavior on the sidelines makes a mockery of good sportsmanship; every political gathering has a crude sign-painter or epithet-spewing heckler.

Read the entire letter here.

In other words, "give us the benefit of the doubt we will never give the Tea Party." Their point would be well taken if the hypocrisy weren't so brazen.

When Glenn Beck featured this video on his TV show he rightly pointed out that now amount of argument or law can stop this hatred. Only the light of truth can help disinfect it. They can't be allowed to get away with this anymore, and the first step to this is merely being aware of it.

So....pass this on....I don't care if in doing so you refer this blog or not, but please just PASS THIS VIDEO ON!

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Conservative Satire News February 3, 2011

Upon being found in contempt for defying an order to an offshore drilling moratorium, the Obama Administration issues a statement to the judge accusing him of laziness and incompetence for stopping at that issue.

Calling a GOP proposal to cut what amounts to 2% of the deficit "unworkable," Harry Reid proposes to fix the nations fiscal crisis by using the black magic that got him reelected last fall.

Media apologizes for misattribution of "if I resign today there will be chaos" to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak when it was actually said by Obama's top teleprompter

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What I Know About Egypt...

As a result, President Obama has had the moment practically all to himself — for better or worse — as he gingerly proceeds without a sustained counterargument on a matter that could reshape United States foreign policy for years. The lack of debate underscores the relative absence of muscular Republican voices on foreign affairs in general, a sharp contrast to the way things were four years ago, when President George W. Bush’s Iraq policy was a flashpoint between the two parties at this point in the election cycle.

To some degree, the silence from Republicans reflects a lack of substantive differences, especially on Egypt. House Speaker John A. Boehner set the tone on Sunday, saying, “Our administration so far has handled this tense situation pretty well.” And in the Senate,Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, said Tuesday, “America ought to speak with one voice, and we have one president.”

From The New York Times

I love this dichotomy that the world likes to play out that either the United States can't screw this up and there's really not much we can do to influence the chaos in a sovereign nation.

The line appears to be it's time for Mubarak to go find a pyramid to crawl in. I know this makes Israel upset because the status quo was working for them. While I'm all for giving the concerns of our greatest ally there primary consideration, the man is in his 80's! They're just going to kicking the can down the road in what will feel like a flash in the pan.

Besides, why would the GOP argue for an Egyptian autocracy that operates on heredity after spending the last decade arguing for the proliferation of Middle East democracy? Is the NYT suggesting they want a fight on this?

I don't really know what else to say, I've stayed away from the matter for the most part because I don't know much about the country except:

There's a lot of dirt...LOTS of dirt...and it fetches a higher price on the market than the dollar.

The Nile River runs backwards so it probably also votes Democrat.

Their ancient society must've been pretty advanced, because you can't make pyramids with Lincoln Logs.

They have a huge sphinx, which I would bet is REALLY smelly...unless I'm mistaken that sphinx translates into English as sphincter.

When they talk word bubbles appear because the official language is hieroglyphics

Unless I have martial arts training that could kick Batman's ass, I will never go there.

I don't know what the end result will look like when the dust settles, which over there is definitely pure expression. If it's not it explains a lot about why fighting never ends...

Anyway, in the end I pray the people of Egypt get a better government out of this, because at some point that will matter to us all.

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Where's WaldObama in Egypt?

Can you find him?

Click to see larger versions...

I'm planning on making Wald-Obama into a trilogy. Parts two and three will show Wald-Obama at last years Memorial and Veterans Day ceremonies in DC. Below is a sneak peak.

As you can see, they'll be a lot tougher.

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Conservative Satire News February 2, 2011

Gore issues dire global warming warning to Egyptian protesters that if they don't put out their fires blasting carbon all over the country they may find themselves buried in snow.

Civil rights groups beg President Obama to take a stand against the blizzards blanketing the nation and the brazen lack of diversity in the snow.

Various Hollywood celebrities have pledged to help the Egypt's children escape the violence plagued country by either hosting telethons, or adoption.

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Put the Mafia In Charge of Government?

I didn't say it, Bob did...

Get more rants like this one at Drinking With Bob

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Al Gore Bakes Snowflakes

From Al Gore's blog on the continuing canard that global warming creates snow.

...the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming:

See the entire post here

Global warming isn't real...

Oh ok, that settles that.

It's important to note that while he continues to hide behind the skirts of scientists the link he supplies in the quote points to an opinion column by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune. I would say I personally would have preferred that Gore cite a tweet from Leonardo diCaprio, but Page is a black man and I don't want to be called racist...

When is the left going to figure out nobody believes this "scientific" crap that employs "2 + 2 = bananas" logic. This lunacy has become Gore's life work and he doesn't even have the guts to debate the issue publicly.

Instead we get blog posts that use opinion columns like they're exhibits in a court case and serve little more than to create a cess pool of rhetoric that makes real incest look clean by comparison.

Ovens bake brownies, not ice cubes. Either the earth is getting warmer or it isn't. If it's getting warmer then it's warmer in all seasons, including winter. Meaning it's impossible to have colder and more severe blizzards.


Corporate environmentalists

We're made to believe the science of all of this is just too complicated so we should blindly defer to the "experts," who have made careers out of what has now become REALLY big business.

If you're a believer in this crap ask yourself this: how much incentive do you think people like Gore have to level with you now that billions, and potentially trillions, of dollars of climate "business" are at stake?

How reliable is the "science" when they're drawing off of "climate data" over a century ago, when the light bulb had to be invented before it could be made illegal, and people still relieved themselves in outhouses sans plumbing?

How are fans of Al Gore not embarrassed with themselves?


Thanks to the Drudge Report for reminding us of the consensus Gore's fellow Democrats have on this highly techincal "science."

Again, liberals, how are you not embarrassed by this?

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Getting In on the Glenn Beck "Joke"

It's a long video, and its not what Beck says that is important to this post, it's the left's reaction to it that is...

Here was the liberal blogger Andrew Sullivan's take on the video

Above is a Glenn Beck clip that Michael Moynihan calls "the dumbest thing ever broadcast on (non-cable access) television....."

As I've said before, lots of Glenn Beck listeners aren't in on the joke. Unlike Roger Ailes, Jonah Goldberg, and every staffer at the Heritage Foundation happy hour, they don't realize that the Fox News Channel puts this man on the air fully understanding that large parts of his program are  uninformed nonsense mixed with brazen bullshit. When a Fox News host tells these viewers, "I'm not going to treat you like you're a moron," playing on their insecurity about other media outlets talking down to or lying to them, they take it at face value. What sort of callous, immoral person allows these viewers to be played for fools?

Read the entire thing here

If you think I cherry picked the fluffiest part of Sully's rant and am framing it as his best attempt to intelligently explain how it's the dumbest thing ever broadcast, you can click the link above to see if he elaborates, but don't waste your time. Sully, or any of the other liberal bloggers I've seen comment on this, never actually go there.

Do I think Tunisia is an "Archduke Ferdinand moment?" I have no idea.

I do know that Beck is entitled to his opinion, even if they left gets pissy that it's not the one they give him, at least (take notes Sully) he explains himself.

If the only other people in said room are blow up dolls

Wait, what am I saying? How can I question liberals when they're always the smartest people in the room?

For years now they've painted Beck as a lunatic, or stupid, or without intellectual authority because he's not college educated by the finest "little Eichmann" bloodhounds money can buy.

I've never heard anything remotely resembling an argument, or rebuttal, or logic used to push back on the merit of anything that comes out of Beck's show, which they probably don't even watch.

Apparently they think Beck is hanging himself and all they just have to do is show some YouTube clip and then congratulate themselves for not screwing up the embed code.

With my college degree I guess I'm technically more educated than Beck is, and I don't see what they see. I don't arrogantly assume that people who patronize Beck media are so myopic in their news media consumption that they crawl back into their hole when he goes off the air and only return with his radio show in the morning, thus preventing themselves from ever having a chance to bask in the glow of Andrew Sullivan's 40 watts of enlightening brilliance.

Clearly, I should have my bachelors degree revoked since I am one of millions who don't think that what Beck has to say is "brazen bullshit."

Why is it NOT true that Sully and his ilk, when it comes to understanding the geopolitical and economic danger we face, are in such a state of denial it's a wonder they don't think movies like "Inception" are documentaries?

If they think saying so amounts to the ravings of a lunatic they need to make a much better case than "because I say so."

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Conservative Satire News February 1, 2011

In an effort to have a less embarrassing grip on the U.S. message about President Mubarak, Obama issues an executive order prohibiting Biden from talking about Egypt until he can spell it.

The Obama Administration issues an ObamaCare gag order on the Vice President's office after the release of a statement by Biden that the GOP's efforts to repeal the law defy logic since "it's like saying you want to repeel [sic] a potato, or banana, or Nancy's face."

While defending the individual mandate in ObamaCare Democrats oppose decry proposed South Dakota state law requiring all adults to purchase and own a gun on the grounds that a central tenet of the party's platform is a commitment to hypocrisy.

Liberals finally begin to question the theory of criminal rehabilitation as Charlie Sheen licks his lips and laments on how awesome it would be if all the east coast snowfall was actually cocaine.

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13 New Congressional Sandwiches

From I Hate The Media:

The Los Angeles Times reports, “After making headlines this week for accusing a congressional cafeteria of selling him a ‘dangerous’ sandwich, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, released a statement today announcing his lawsuit seeking $150,000 in damages had been settled.”

Surely, that sandwich will forever more be known in the Congressional cafeteria as the Kucinich Special. We’re pretty sure customers are already lining up and saying, “Gimme that Dennis Kucinich sandwich.”

With that in mind, it seems to us that the Congressional cafeteria should introduce a whole line of sandwiches named after Washington, DC political and media types.

Please allow us to make some suggestions:

The Obama Surprise: Some days it’s all baloney and no bread. Other days it’s de-boned and spineless chicken on dark rye (You never really know what you’ll get. That’s why it’s called a surprise.)

The Barney Frank: Rump roast with an extra helping of salami.

The Harry Reid: Cold, aged beef with no seasoning on white bread.

The Ed Schultz: Beef tongue with an extra serving of fat. Always served hot.

The Keith Olbermann: This item has been removed from the menu.

The Joe Biden: This is a huge f’ing sandwich. It contains a lot of f’ing pork. It’s a f’ing fork-ready project. (NOTE: The Joe Biden Combo comes one fry short of a happy meal.)

See the rest here.

h/t iOwnTheWorld.

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