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How "Progressive" Math Works

A friend at Free Republic sent me this nifty graphic last weekend.

The GOP gets accused of fiscal fuzzy math all the time, that's because they're not visionary enough to know that the best way to deal with crushing government debt is to do nothing to reduce its overhead.

Then there is numerical comprehension, especially when looking at Wisconsin. For instance...

Chris Matthews: Let me go to the Republican, Senator Grothman. My question of course is why does the Governor pick on the unions that didn't endorse him in the last campaign but give a free ride to the firefighters and the cops who did and the localities? Why did they get off and are allowed to continue to negotiate collectively?

More at NewsBusters

When it comes to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's efforts to fix that state's budget this has been the major point of attack for the left, if not the only one. Which is interesting because what has actually not been in dispute is the fact that Wisconsin is too broke to maintain the public sector status quo, but what about this attack?

Well, according to the Newsbusters article Walker points out that only 4 out of 314 fire and police unions actually endorsed him.

And THAT, my friends, is "progressive" math!

Apparently the exceptions are the rule, and if you take Obama's perspective on the exposing of Planned Parenthoods criminal cover up of exploitation the rule is the exception. The trick is knowing which one is which, and when.

It's actually not that hard. Basically, proglodytes always take the path that makes them look less guilty of idiocy. Take these equations, for example:

Dan Quayle + potatoe - liberal media bias = Joe Biden

Global warming + Science x "2 + record snow + Al Gore x Gore's two cents = Climate Change

Bush Recession + Obama Stimulus - Bill Clinton / shovelsHOPE + higher unemployment = Bush Recession

Michelle Obama + (Childhood Obesity x veggie tyranny) = Fat free hypocrisy

Conservatism + Major Hasan x DenialJared Loughner = Sarah Palin

Bill Maher + Helen Thomas - (TalentActual x Halloween365) = Nose

All of this is part of a far more complex equation, but I don't know all its components. I just know that you don't need a calculator to solve it because the answer is always "progressives are wrong."