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Time Magazine's Cover Helps Show Why Liberals Are Wrong About Conservative Humor

There was a time when it was pretty effortless to find articles from liberals on why conservatives simply don't have the DNA to be funny. In fact, before starting The Looking Spoon I tried to look at other conservative humor blogs to see what they were doing. All I had to do was Google "conservative humor" and among the top results would be articles propagating this myth.

Flashforward about 2 years later, I decided to Google "conservative humor" now and found these articles to be nowhere in sight unless you change your search to conservatives can't be funny. For me I know it was the arrogance of their perceived superiority following the 2008 election that motivated me and others to spring into action.

This rant should come with a soundtrack

Perhaps we just needed our backs to the wall to speak up and take back "conservative humor" for search engine results everywhere, but it's stuff like Time magazines latest cover that make it too dang easy.

Their arrogance was their undoing politically, and it's also like gasoline on a conservative funny-bone fueled fire.

From GeronL at Free Republic

This last one from iOwnTheWorld proves there's always two sides to every story...

To any liberals viewing this in bemusement and scratching their heads with the same caution Biden uses to check his hair plugs...THESE - ARE - FUNNY! You make it SO EASY too.

If anyone knows who the artist behind any of the other pieces that are not attributed (all of which were shared with me at Free Republic) step right up and claim the credit you deserve.