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Dems Test Einstein's Theory of Insanity?

The White House is struggling with whether to propose ideas that would appeal to Republicans, and thus get support on Capitol Hill—such as tax cuts—or whether to promote ideas that officials believe could have more economic impact but might hit political resistance, such as more aid for states and more infrastructure funding.

via Wall Street Journal.

This lip service to tax cuts is being hailed as a sort of moment of Obama coming to Jesus (a huh, a huh huh huh) on the economy. Forgive me if I choose to remain a doubting Thomas on that point.

The only struggle going on here is the one where liberals have to choose between their ideology and reality.

It's not at all a coincidence that the states having the biggest problems with money and scratching their heads in bemusement are the ones that liberals have a death grip on (California, New York, Michigan). They like to sneer at Reaganomics but it worked no matter how many times they make unchallenged pronouncements that it didn't.

Thats how you break a TOTUS

I know next to Obama FDR is their great "progressive" liberal hero, after all, both smoked, one needed crutches to walk, the other needs a crutch to think....

FDR had more VP's than Biden has brain cells. There's the "New Deal," the "Big Effing Deal," and wasting money is an ass they can definitely kick.

One thing is certain. Reagan's economic policies didn't need a world war to finally get the country out of its economic funk. Furthermore...wait a sec, that quote said Obama wants to help the economy by giving MORE aid to...states...aaand...OMG they want more stimulus again?!? Wont these people ever learn?!?

I forget, what did Einstein say was the product of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

image from iOwnTheWorld

He has to stand because there's no corner to cower into when your office is oval...