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Welcome to Dhimmy Land

Check out this cartoon submitted by an anonymous cartoonist to iOwnTheWorld. If you haven't heard Disney is dealing with a controversy with an employee who is Muslim woman over wearing her head scarf (hijab).

Disneyland says she has to follow their dress code and lose the hijab, and she says no.

I can appreciate the first amendment religious freedom rational here, but if the first amendment were really the issue here then dress codes everywhere should be abolished for oppressing speech.

Bottom line, Disney is a private company and there are A LOT of other places this woman can work that won't force her to dress in a way that doesn't work for her....seriously.

I had an issue with what to wear to work once, I was so uncomfortable with an employers dress code that my career as a bikini model was over before it could even begin.

Welcome To Dhimmy Land

I'm filing this under "wish I thought of this!"