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3 Words Liberals Hate: Spring Edition

Last January I came up with a series of posts inspired by the self explanatory hashtag on Twitter (follow my tweets here) #3WordsLiberalsHate.

The idea is to come up with the 3 word phrases that liberals would hate to hear or say. I wanted to put them in a way that they could exist on their own, but also in the context of a larger story. So here's a new set for a new season:

Must Support Israel

Beat Iran back

No bowing allowed

Peace through strength

Backwards nuclear policy

ObamaCare's health deform

No new taxes

17 minute responses

Teleprompter needs vacation

Change looks hopeless

Tea Parties mobilize

Dems lose Congress

Obama's only term

President Mitt Romney

President Newt Gingrich

President Sarah Palin

President Sean Hannity

President Ronald McDonald

President "Anyone Else"

Oh yeah...three more words they may not like to hear...


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