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A Trillion Here A Trillion There and Soon You'll Be Talking About Serious Money!

Its only money, they print it every day.

When he's not taking a break from participating in the Copenhagen Private Jet show (where I hear Al Gore won best-in-show for his jet for emitting fuel exhaust AND his own rhetoric into the atmosphere) to attend climate conference that will decide how the rest of the unwashed masses...and ONLY us...need to conserve energy in order to combat what has become the biggest farce in human history since believing the world was flat and the sun revolved around us (at least the excuse of people back then was pride AND ignorance) Obama and congress are showing the drunken sailors that the GOP were from 2000-2006 how spending money really gets done.

This nonsense has to stop. When are the adults finally going to takeover our country? Does ANYONE run their own financial house the way congress runs our checkbook? grows on something else.

I've stopped wondering what they're thinking....I'm over I just want to know if they're thinking at all. Do they really think money grows on trees?