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The Other Side of the Rand Paul Stomping Incident

I will say this only once. I want to make it clear and unequivocal that stomping on anyone for any reason is wrong...PERIOD. Especially when they have been subdued. That said, here is MoveOn mole Lauren Valle's account of what led up to her head being stomped at a Rand Paul event

Well just before the tape I was identified by the Rand Paul campaign because they've seen me around town at these events. And they realized they know me because of my work and they don't support it. So they actually formed a blockade around me once they realized that I was there. And as Rand's car pulls up they step in front of me and start to block me so I stepped off the curb to try and get around them and at that point they pursued me around the car, chased me around the car, and what you see in the video is when I'm in the front of the car and that's when I'm pulled down and then my head is stomped on.

Read the entire Red State article here (via Memeorandum)

Here is a video obtained by Red State that demonstrates my frustration that there isn't a font that I can use when quoting liberals that evokes LIAR.

As you can see, Valle's story and the truth match up just shy of 0.00000000000000%. Supporters did not blockade her, and she didn't step off the curb to "get around" them. She stepped off that curb to assault Rand Paul when he was in his car.

This is why I refrained on commenting about this until now. Chaotic situations like this one always have two sides to the story, ESPECIALLY when leftists are involved. It never fails, all you have to do is wait for it.

This will become the emblematic event this campaign season that illustrates what the core of liberalism has become...Liberals/Progressives/Leftists are allergic to the truth and honesty. I'm not just talking about Valle's lying about this incident. I'm saying their entire world is a lie.

They pose as members of our side at rallies and make complete SOB's out of themselves to make us look bad. They can't win an argument fairly, so they name call and race card us to death. THEN there is stuff like this. They provoke us into BEING FORCED TO SUBDUE THEM because they refuse to act like civilized human beings, and it gets them painted as victims.

This kind of narcissism can only come from the left. They don't have to be honest because they have truth on their side. This paradox is lost on them because how can THEY be wrong. They're too in love with their own intelligence to see dumb they truly are.

I shudder to think of what liberals would get away with if we didn't have the internet.


After giving some thought to the matter and having a lot of liberal banshee howls hurled my way, I'm willing to acknowledge that there is a case to be made that saying she "assaulted" Paul is a bit strong.

That said, Valle did herself very little good slapping on a wig and wearing an oversized jacket with the hood on AND CHARGING THE CAR. She conducted herself like a powder keg of unpredictability, and is most definitely the cause of the trouble. Had she just stood there LIKE SHE LYINGLY SAID SHE DID, this post wouldn't need to exist because there would have been no incident.

That is simply not up for discussion, you can't do stuff like that. It doesn't mean you should be beat up for it either....BUT YOU CAN'T DO STUFF LIKE THAT.

Replace Rand Paul with President Obama and the liberals who have been trolling this blog and my Twitter would be singing a very different tune.

By the way you liberal trolls, unlike the person behind the camera that filmed the stomp I would not have just stood there and watched Tim Profitt do what he did. That idiot should have been tackled harder than Valle was...but don't let me saying so stop you from lying about me in cyberspace.