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Hey Now, Michael Moore Can Make Gutsy Calls Too!

Apparently Obama owns the word "gutsy" now. If you type "" into your browser it used to take you to his website, but now it goes to some news story about how gutsy he is.

I've heard Michael Moore is less than impressed with Barack's skills...

That's actually not the gutsiest move he can do. Actually, it's making a complete ass of himself on Twitter.

All these years later and NOW someone tells me that al Qaeda kills innocent people in the name of the fabulously wealthy?!? So Islam really is a religion of peace in the middle east? Humph....

THAT is a gutsy call. If I cared I might envy Moore, he could be the only American that could go to that part of the world and nothing would happen to him because they refuse to touch pig.

h/t Lori Ziganto (via iOwnTheWorld)