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Gingrich Campaign Slogan To Dems: My First Lady Can Beat Up Your President

As Newt Gingrich enters the presidential race the New York Times did an piece on it that had a particular interest in his wife, Callista. I know he's not a fan favorite, but his wife has my vote.

At 45, 22 years her husband’s junior, Mrs. Gingrich always looks perfectly composed. She favors an almost retro look — platinum hair teased and sprayed, bold-colored suits accessorized by a triple strand of pearls or eye-popping diamond jewelry. In college, friends say, she once signed up for an 8 a.m. bowling class and rolled a 200 wearing a pencil skirt.

Based on the way liberals negotiate budget cuts I know this is a dangerous question, but I can't tell...Is 200 more or less than the 37 President Bowlbama once rolled?

It has to be the pencil skirt. Come to think of it, when Obama gave his speech announcing Osama bin Laden's death I don't remember seeing what was going on behind that podium.