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Calderon Shows Congress His Audacity of Nope

Before he became president of Mexico was Felipe Calderon an anatomy teacher, or does showing our government what a backbone looks like just come naturally?

Paging Mr's Holder and Napolitano

I have to admit, when I first heard about the criticism of Arizona I was a little on fire about it, but then I watched the video above, because rational people don't make judgements about things they haven't seen for themselves.

I'm glad to see that it is actually not lost on Calderon that Mexico's chief export has been its population because his country sort of sucks. He actually acknowledges that Mexican's leaving their country can be damaging to Mexico.

This begs the question of why then does Mexico oppose any efforts the United States takes to have an immigration policy that is 100% more sane, and only half as oppressive as their own?

Mexico cracks down on illegal immigration coming from their southern border.

They put their military on their border.

They put the fear of God into their businesses to make sure their workers have THEIR papers in order.

So when did "Calderon" become Spanish for "hypocrite?"

Didn't Biden say his brain was like a Mexican Jumping Bean?

Follow the money. "Migration," as Calderon puts it, makes Mexico a money vacuum with American dollars being sent back to the families of illegal immigrants. If you can believe it, dollars are still more valuable to Mexicans over the peso than our Vice Presidency is to Obama and Pelosi.

While I find it a bit offensive, I'm not mad that Felipe Calderon came to the United States and vented frustration for the sake of Mexico. I would actually like to slap an electric collar on Obama that goes off when he utters the words "United States" and "sorry" in the same sentence, and see him grow a spine and do what Calderon did, but on behalf of us.