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Limericks About Liberals

St. Patrick's Day is the perfect time to tell some liberal limericks!


The lefties think that they're progressive
A name change thats really obessive
Liberalism ain't right
Socialism shines a light
That the devil would find more impressive

Joe Biden has said "see you later"
To anything resembling good behavior
It's a big effing deal
That he outsmarts a wheel
But he's not smarter than a 5th grader

Pelosi used to be the House Speaker
With eyes that bug out like tweeker
Her sense of disgrace
Is as loose as her face
When her botox is watered down weaker

Anthony Weiner's a name one should pity
But he's perfect to rep New York City
He's speaks so wrongly so loudly
And he does so quite proudly
'Cuz his namesake is so itty bitty

Chuck Schumer is a big freakin' dork
No wonder he hails from New York
He's full of lib thoughts
'Cuz his parents never got
His brain delivered from the stork

Nevadans can gamble and be merry
But their Dem senator is pretty scary
He's kind of Clint Eastwood
In one sense 'cuz he should
Actually be called "Turdy Harry"

The U.S. runs trillions in deficit
Then Dems wanna know "where's the rest of it?"
They don't get that we're broke
'Cuz they're morons and jokes
Thinking money's like milk from a mother's tit

MSNBC is like a sad person single
The public just doesn't wanna mingle
There's much better choices
Than watching men act like boys with
The president causing them tingles


You probably notice that I didn't touch Obama. Last June I came up with a limerick about Obama (here), and was given a few good ones from friends at Free Republic (here).

So I focused on the rest of the gang this time.