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Top 10 Characteristics of "No Drama" Obama

Inspired by World events test 'No Drama Obama' at Politico


10. His closest advisor goes by the code name Obonga.

9. You would feel no drama too if YOUR logo practically reinvented the wheel.

8. Since last spring when his staff stresses out he tells them to take an "oil spill pill."

7. He made Hillary Secretary of State because he wanted to fundamentally transform that job into something more...secretarial.

6. Obonga has him confusing Japan's nuclear troubles with Michelle's atomic wedgies.

5. While he tours Rio de Janeiro only meltdown he's going to worry about down there is his ice cream.

4. Sorry Japan, his date to March Madness is a little thing called the NCAA.

3. When throwing the first pitch at baseball games Obonga makes home plate seem a lot closer than it really is.

2. He is totally cool with the idea of Cameron Diaz playing him in the movie adaptation of "There's Something About Barry."

1. Leadership? Pshh! Golf balls are the only thing he's interested in taking a whack at.