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Meghan McCain's Premature 2012 "Endorsement"

Most commentators refrain from voicing endorsements for political office. It's generally a prudent thing to do. They don't want to alienate their audience, and if they're wrong it can hurt their credibility. Especially if they do it when there isn't even a campaign yet.

I have a personal favorite choice, but you will only know my take on the field as objectively as I can possibly put it.

I can give you a hint as to who my favorite suddenly isn't...well...I won't give you the hint. I'm going to let the ultimate liberal trophy wife, Meghan McCain, give it in her own words...

"My personal favorite right now is Mitt Romney," she said. "I like that he's not so radical. I like that he has really, really played his cards right, almost perfectly since the last election."

More at The Marietta Daily Journal

I's hard to believe that such an eloquently stated endorsement makes me want to vomit with glee like a bulimic with food poisoning.

Romney must be, like, SOOOOO thrilled! We haven't even had one single solitary debate yet and she thinks Mitt has "really (comma) really played his cards right?"

Based on what? A few Fox News appearances?

I HIGHLY recommend reading the article, linked above. There are many more gems from the McCain mine where that came from. Here is my favorite...

"We're going against the Obama machine, which even if it's a little less bright and shiny than it once was it's still the Obama machine," she said. "And we need something intense to really showcase exactly what his administration is doing wrong. And not get caught up in the fray."

..........................I'm lost, when she says we need something "intense" to challenge Obama's "bright and shiny" machine, what does she have in mind? Neon lip gloss?

Uhhhhh... She had notes?

And what's the nonsense about avoiding "the fray?" The object of politics is to win "the fray." Did daddy get into Meghan's notes again.

I've heard the gravitational pull of black holes in space are powerful enough to stop even light in its tracks. If thats true then we need to dispatch Megs to Japan, and stat!

If you can't tell how much I despise this girl check out my post from September 2010 detailing why I think she is the most annoying Republican of all.