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Liberals Take The Flake WAY More Than Michele Bachmann Ever Could

Is Chris Wallace's latest Fox News Sunday stunt the meat in a controversy sandwich that he's building?

Well is she? Did Wallace miss her debate performance in New Hampshire?

Unless she's his lab rat for some psychology thesis, what purpose does the question serve? She's not going to say yes.

While Wallace did apologize, what makes Michele Bachmann the lucky recipient of such a question when the left itself is a bunch of flakes...

Here's a snowflake (one of a kind that melts under heat).

Here's a cornflake (no explanation needed here).

and then we have...

At the time this was, somehow, supposed to be a compliment because "THEY'RE GRRRRRRRREAT!" Which is something crack addicts say about what they use to frost their flakes, so it's a good thing President Obama didn't endorse Kellogs's "kindness" in any way

....I guess it's a thing us flake-haters can't understand.

In any case, take these flakes deep fry and cheese stuff them, and you have completed your recipe for liberalism.

How screwed up was America's depth perception when Obama was deemed electable?

That's why the country falls for them so much, they look tasty enough to binge on. After a short while your ass explodes, your depth perception gets screwed up because your second chin blocks your view of the floor, your appetite for anything healthy starts to fade.

And all that comes after you burn stupendous amounts of calories fighting Michelle Obama for a taste.

Michele Bachmann isn't a flake, like any other conservative that sticks to their principles she would be more like the fat-burning workout the country needs to shed itself of its disgusting habits and feel good about itself again.


Oh geez Michele, why do you have to make the limb so wobbly? The MSM is going to bust her pretty hard for this. I sure do hope they don't ask her when Iowa became one of the 57 states, or if she owns any television sets from the 1920's. In other words, this is a much easier "mistake" to make than ones made by the frosted flakes (in fairness her campaign still contends it's not mistake and does justify that position).

But a conservative brother out Michele!