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Is A President Like a Father-In-Chief?

I don't know if you've heard, but a president isn't the head of the executive branch of government...

As President, Barack Obama has done his best at national fathering, but his own experience deprives him of an essential truth about the role: Children have to know in their bones that, when they are in trouble, their fathers will come and take them home....with the best of intentions, (he) seems unable to communicate to anxious Americans that government is not an enemy under the same national roof but a source of help and support in the hardest times....the President will have to learn an essential truth about fathers is that, when you are in trouble, they are the ones you depend on to be there to help save you.

See more at Connecting.the.Dots (this blogger should consider a name change)

Oh, is that why Democratic presidents wag their finger at us? I thought they were trying to scold us into believing their lies, little did I know they were playing a game of "father knows best" with us.

We say George Washington is the "father of the country," but that's just a figure of speech. This is a really bizarre view/characterization of what the role of a president is.

Like it or not, American presidents from “The father of his country” on have assumed a paternal role in the society....Try imagining Romney, Pawlenty, Bachmann and Gingrich doing that. 

How about I try imagining this liberal, Mr. Dots, writing these words for George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan. Is that why they keep saying conservative presidents are big brother? I thought that insult was in reference to Orwell, little did I know that they're really just commenting on how conservative stewardship of the executive branch doesn't hold the same rank in their mind.

I wonder how many times Mr. Dots had to use the backspace key because instead of "president" he kept "mistakenly" typing "Lord Obama."

Or "General"

Or "King"

Or "Papa Bear"

Or "Our Father who art in Washington"

Notwithstanding that double standard, the president doesn't play a paternal role in a free society. This highlights one of the more frightening differences between liberals and conservatives today. I guess the silver lining to this is we can finally view his vacations and golfing positively as the country being grounded from his leadership.