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Hey! Why Don't We Apply Affirmative Action To Basketball?

My friends over at Exposing Leftists have done it again. Marvel with amazement at the intellectual agility of liberals who oppose instituting affirmative action for UC Riverside's basketball team...

Affirmative action is a program I've always found to be particularly irritating because liberals don't even try to hide the inherently racists sentiments of it. Like everything else liberalism invents, this program lives in bizzaro-world-hypocrisy with pro-choicers who oppose capital punishment.

Somehow....SOMEHOW...conservatives opposing affirmative action are the racists for suggesting minorities really aren't inferior, nor do they need special condescension, or rather the narcissistic racism, white liberals provide them.

The only thing more tragic than the pass liberals get for their bigotry is that minorities truly believe they need it.

The few students who could muster enough electricity in their brain to form syllables articulating the "difference" between academics and sports said that sports are based on skills. I guess the implication there is that academia is little more than a trip to the craps table. If I had known that I would've skipped all of the classes I had to go through to become a commercial artist...because there's no skill in that line of work. The same is true with people who go to school to become doctors, engineers, and skills necessary.

This revelation pisses me off big time, because I could've saved tens of thousands of dollars in loans and tuition. Man, what a freakin' gyp!

Unlike performance in athletic tryouts, where skills, like the kind Michael Jordan had, just materialize overnight with no work needed to build them up, academic performance from K-12 should have no bearing on a person's ability to make it through college...and that's why the Democratic Party produces Vice Presidents like Joe Biden, and DNC chairs like Debbie Wasserman Schultz.