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Things We Learned From the New Hampshire GOP Debate

To get the most obvious out of the way. John King is a douche...normally I would just use the initials and let your brain do the rest, but he deserves the honor. I get it if the candidates had thirty seconds to answer a question and they were taking so long you could bake a potato by candlelight before their thought could even come to a comma...but thats not what happened here. He was trying to break in after only a few seconds, or maybe it was just his ape tourettes...I don't really care, in my mind he's fired from future debates, because it got really old REALLY fast.

Frank J over at IMAO has some excellent suggestions for how they can get around renegade moderators here.


I like Herman Cain...a lot. Figuring out algebra would be a waste of time with that guy because there's no need to figure out what "x" equals when he'll just tell you plainly. In a way he is totally unqualified to be president because he can identify problems, and offer solutions based on those problems. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to blow some smoke up my ass to reassure me you're not some crazy person who takes this job seriously?

This ain't going to be a vote for prom king. If this debate sets the tone for how the campaign is going to be conducted personality is not going to drive who will win. As much as John King tried to turn it into the Fort Knox of sound bytes, a lot of substance was communicated last night. There was a lot shovel too. The upside to putting up with it is just that, we put up with it, we don't get s**t for brains eating grins like Zobamabies do with say-nothing buzz words.

Ron Paul's purpose is to prevent the stage from looking like a Cleaver family reunion. The man makes Mr. Magoo with ADD look focused. Someone needs to tell Ashton Kutcher that he can stop now, and the world record for longest running hidden camera prank will never be broken.

At some point Mitt Romney needs to get some guidance from John Edwards... on how to pick a good makeup artist. He looks plastic my foot! He looked a lot more like he snorted lines of pollen backstage before the debate started.

"This or that" was lame, but I guess it was a way to step out of the batters box and figure them out on a more personal level. Ron Paul was asked Blackberry or iPhone and he picked Blackberry...the only thing I can get out of that is if I didn't already have my iPhone I would suddenly want one as a reflection of my take on Ron Paul's decision making abilities.

This is NOT a weak field of candidates. Even people I like, but am going bald scratching my head over, like Michelle Bachmann (in my humble opinion, which has changed after her great performance in this debate), could most definitely take and whoop Obama both on paper, and in the debates. I have no clue how to call it yet, but I can say with...certitude...that Barack Obama is going to walk onto a second term like Biden can tell you who was buried in Grant's Tomb...unless Ron Paul is the nominee.


Romney made the very astute observation that anyone on the stage would make a better president than Obama. If you play that sound byte backwards you'll hear "except for Ron Paul." I know a lot of conservatives would disagree with me on that, but they have to look further than 5 minutes into the future to realize we can't just look to beat Obama, we need to look to someone who wont ruin the conservative/GOP brand...again.

That's how crazy leftists get elected in this country. It's why McCain's defeat in 2008 is a blessing in disguise. We had to go through that to get to where we are today, and today is a much better day to be a Republican than when John McCain asked us to follow him off a cliff, and the only thing holding us back from doing that was...Mike Huckabee?!?