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Over Reliance On Google Makes People Dumber?

You would think it would make people smarter. In fact, the study is totally backwards. The internet has been liberalism's public enemy number 1 forever because everything they say since the 90's can't be challenged with a simple "nuh uh" anymore.

Now with Google when you do that liberals say, "Oh yeah? You and what army?"

And you can say, "This army of information on why "liberals suck" that is 3 million strong and arrived in .05 seconds."

You don't even need the internet to do the math there. Liberals love government, and the government gave us the post office, and they deliver .05 packages in 3 million seconds.

Now there are 3,000,001 ways that liberals suck.

Anyway there's that, and more from today's Newsbusted.