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Liberals Exploit Real Leaders Because They Have None Of Their Own

Oh geez, here we go again....

The DCCC is sending out press releases in 50 Republican districts Thursday asking if they agree with Reagan on the debt ceiling....

“Ronald Reagan worked with [Democratic Speaker] Tip O’Neill and Democrats to cut spending, raise revenues and reform Social Security,” President Obama said Saturday in his weekly address. “That kind of cooperation should be the least you expect from us,” he added.

From Weasel Zippers

The reason we have this problem with liberalism is they have no understanding of themselves. Being forced to live in that prison of their own making causes them to be squishy on what it is they oppose and when they'll oppose it.

That's why we get nonsense like this from them. Isn't it amazing how liberals exalt things they hate in order to make people satisfy whatever blind partisan whim they have at any given moment?

Right now it's Ronald Reagan.

During budget cuts it's children. Even when the budget being cut is Planned Parenthood's.

With Michelle Obama it's vegetables.

It never really matters what comes out of their mouth, they'll say ANYTHING to win an argument. They even use Jesus.

Hoping He'll just give it back to me for Christmas, I only give Jesus birthday presents I would want

Liberals deride Him as the "imaginary" friend of Christian conservatives, and then turn around and say He was a really a liberal. They "think" Jesus wouldn't vote for you Christian conservative believers seeking public office, he would vote for sexually "free," income mugging, infanticide proliferating moral equivocators who view power as the means to control people and remake the world into their image rather than trying to walk with Him. If that isn't enough they rest at nothing to have His presence removed from EVERYWHERE...especially His birthday.

These narcissists think Jesus Knows them.

The only thing shocking about their going there with Ronald Reagan is that it took them so freakin' long. It was only a generation ago that they were playing cute little games like pointing out the number of letters in Ronald Wilson Reagan came out to "666." Now the DCCC looks to him for salvation on the debt ceiling.

So, by their own estimation, does this mean liberals think their "anti-christ" can deliver them from taking responsibility for the government's debt? Where does that leave the self-proclaimed bond they share with Jesus?

I don't blame them for exploiting real, effective leaders of men, their dishonesty about their own identity prevents them from having any of their own.