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The "Greater Good" Makes Republicans "Crazy"

Has the fight over the debt limit and tax hikes revealed to the country that Republicans are crazy? I guess. I mean, sane people agree that having debt means more money spent is greater than income. Only crazy people think that you get rid of debt by reducing how much you spend.

The sensible thing to do, obviously, is confiscate other people's money to paper over your irresponsibility their selfishness.

Republicans never want to do that, they like selfishness, and only crazy people think that's a good thing.

Freedom, selfish.

Liberty, selfish.

The pursuit of happiness, super selfish.

Do you know what's not selfish? The Greater Good, and that costs money, and the only money worth a damn is tax money.

Your money buys cars and homes that boil the planet. Tax money buys health care, and a modest retirement. If you work for the Greater Good then tax money gets a guaranteed job and awesome retirement, because you're delivering the Greater Good to everyone, so you get to have more of it.

Tax money also helps double the cost of stuff that boils the planet, so you wont do that to the Greater Good. This ensures the planet is saved because only a few people, like Al Gore, will be able to afford that stuff, and they can have it because they can pay for it while reminding everyone else THEY need to serve the Greater Good.


By the way that's not crazy because they're not Republican.

Tax money guarantees everyone gets the same life regardless of work. That's important, some people really can't work harder than others. Mostly for reasons that are no fault of their own, like, because they don't want to. Only crazy Republicans think that's bad.

Tax money basically makes sure you never have to do anything for yourself. After all the governm – er – Greater Good's prime directive is to take care of it's people. If you disagree then you're crazy.

The bottom line is basically that the Greater Good is like a ugly monster that wears a cute monster mask, and you have to take care of and feed before you selfishly take care of and feed yourself. It usually grows, and so does its appetite. In the unlikely event that it grows too big you may be unable to take care of yourself at all. If that happens and you try to selfishly put it on a diet then you'll find the Greater Good doesn't do diets (and that you're crazy), and it will eat you instead.

Ironically, a Greater Good that devours its selfish people is actually purging, and crazy people hate that too.