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We Have Sacrificed Liberty for (Social) Security

Obama can't promise Social Security checks will go out August 3.

I find it hard to believe the president can't promise to deliver a lousy paycheck to old people, it's not exactly brain surgery...and ObamaCare promises everyone that!

Won't this finally put truth to the lie (for liberals only, conservatives have always known) that this "safety net" isn't so pay-as-you-go after all?

Since George W. Bush became president the wars have cost just over a trillion, and if you wanted to accept the liberal line that tax cuts are all cost and no gain the Bush tax cuts "cost" just under 3 trillion. The rest of it (about $4 trillion) is promises government never intended to keep.

Even if we could wave a magic wand for liberals, and will away the wars and the tax cuts, the debt still would have increased by trillions, yet that's all they want to talk about is we wouldn't be in this mess but for George W. Bush.

PSSSH! We've sacrificed liberty for (social) security, and just like Benjamin Franklin promised we are now getting neither. This is what the country gets for trusting the snake oil of liberal fiscal floozies, and now their solution is to blame the victims for not forking over enough money.

If liberals want to prevent this fight from happening in the future they should brainwash kids into thinking that money packs on the calories and that we should leave the handling of it to them. After all, isn't that what Michelle Obama is doing to them with their diet?