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What Anti-Incumbent Sentiment?

No ringers allowed... Michael Moore

I think liberals should have a Groundhog Day type of event where they cram a bunch of garbage down a voter's throat (they need something tangible to represent their philosophy) and if the voter doesn't puke until they die they get 4 more years of power.

That said, there is a new Quinnipiac poll out that paints yet another grim picture for the Democrats, where they would lose again in a generic ballot against Republicans.

While this is good news, the thing that irritates me about the reporting of these polls is that they continue to be interpreted, with a acumen of a tax-raising liberal in a recession, as "anti-incumbent sentiment."

This implies there isn't a rational reason to explain why the Democrat's numbers stink worse than poop that fell into a pile of ObamaCare. As if they're not doing anything at all (like hypothetically speaking defy the will of the public AND OPENLY ADMIT TO IT) to deserve the voter wrath that's marching toward November.

We all know that's ridiculous. This party under Obama's leadership has made so many gaffes you'd think they invented the concept.

This is a blog post, not Noah's Ark

I could go ahead and list the examples, but if you don't already know them then this post is probably above your pay-grade anyway....

All of this reminds me of a cartoon I drew many years ago (and is very different from the artwork I do now) that has nothing to do with politics but speaks perfectly to this issue. Basically, the problem Democrats and media have with interpreting the poll numbers goes something like this...

Anti-Incumbent cartoon metaphor

The poll also found that at the moment voters, by a three point margin, would pick ANY REPUBLICAN over Obama in 2012. In other words, every Republican in the country has a viable shot at being president if they were on the ballot against Obama today.

Your dog, if it's registered Republican and has a verifiable United States birth certificate, could be elected president over Obama .

Even Lindsey Graham could be elected president against Obama! All he'd have to do is become a Republican!

If Quinnipiac's finding is correct I guess even Obama could possibly avoid a scorching 2012 defeat by becoming a Republican, but then again, probably not. I don't think he'd withstand the pressure of the media demanding he show proof of citizenship.