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Obama's Approval Exits the Basket Case (On Paper)

Aided by his response to the Tucson shootings, popular lame-duck legislation and a hint of economic relief, Barack Obama has matched his highest job approval rating in more than a year in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, with his ratings for empathy likewise rebounding.

It's a remarkable turnaround for a president so recently hammered in the 2010 midterm elections. Yet the public's mood remains glum, with attendant, continuing hazards for the president and Congress alike.

Get the rest at ABC News (h/t Memeorandum)

The article goes on to say his approval rating is at 54% with almost no appreciable difference in the direction the direction of anything but Congress I would be very curious to see the sample taken. Polls like this that don't seem rational usually weight Democrats heavier like they didn't get Michelle's obesity memo. Then again, the way I see it, it's only natural that Obama's approval rate would rise at some point. I mean, isn't that how...

...these things work anyway?

I like how they worked in the new congress, like they're both up sh*t creek and the Republicans are the ones who forgot the paddle.

Oh, and can you stop being so "glum" know...for the president? He can't get reelected if you Negative Nancies don't snap out of it already. Okay? Thanks.

On a positive note, in spite of lumping them in with Obama's numbers, Congress's approval since Speaker Boehner took over has skyrocketed to 28% (the highest it has been since 2008). I know that's like doctors saying Biden is twice as smart as previously thought after discovering a second brain cell, but it's worth mentioning for the opportunity to rip on Biden yet again.

Also, the poll shows almost everyone agrees Obama did a good job giving the Tucson "eulogy."

h/t iOwnTheWorld for the image.