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3 Words Liberals Hate, Part 1 of 5

Theres a trend on Twitter (follow me...if you would like to as much as I would like you to :-D ) where people are coming up with 3 word phrases that liberals might hate. I know it seems limiting, but anymore than that and their brains may overload since they are not used to processing much more than that .....I know I know...thats mean and insulting and not at all based in reality...

I had a lot of fun doing this I thought not only would I share them, but I found that I was putting together 3 words that could stand alone, or come together to tell a story. So this will be done in installments this week as I've come up with quite a few ideas. Today is part one, I'm going to go with two groups for two reasons....1. I came up with more groups than there are days in the week and.....2. They are thematically related, so it works.

Please feel free to comment below with some 3 word jabs of your own. They don't have to follow the theme of the day either.

Man is better

Humanity is holy

Animals are yummy

We’re not monkeys

Darwin’s intelligent resign


Long live Israel

Go to church

God bless America

Not an atheist

God is Republican