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Senator Scott Brown the Mushroom Cloud

I haven't had a chance to ask DHS chief Janet Napolitano but I'm pretty sure this is the kind of terrorist mushroom cloud the Obama Administration is trying to look out for...

Scott Brown mushroom cloud
They beat you because they love you

To be honest I stayed away from this race and even until today didn't think a state like Massachusetts could turn away from the back-handed punishment of a nanny state only a liberal could love.

Unlike the importance of whether the vice president should be Joe Biden or Heidi Montag, the significance of Scott Brown's victory cannot be overstated. Massachusetts is arguably one of the most liberal states in the union (if not THE most liberal) and when faced with a choice on replacing liberalism's favorite son Ted Kennedy the voters awarded the honor to a conservative Republican (well...........he at least doesn't live in RINOland like Dede Scozzafava does). It doesn't need to be drilled down any deeper than that.

I don't think Kennedy couldn't turn over in his grave even if he wanted to

This election was a direct middle finger to the leadership (ah ha ha....ah ha ha ha) in Washington DC and unless you're a certain madam Speaker of the House (who shall remain nameless) high on botox when she's not drunk on power this fact is clear as day.

I truly hope liberals don't figure any of this out...because I'm not ready to be done with them yet.

Congratulations Senator-elect Brown.