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5 powerful arguments for creation and 5 ridiculous comments from evolutionists

So an apparently epic creation/evolution debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham took place recently. I haven't seen it yet, but it's definitely on my to do list. As a Christian who believes in God I don't reject evolution outright, but I totally reject the evolutionists dismissal of the creation/intelligent design crowd. I believe the creationist views and arguments are just as valid (if not more so) than evolution in that at least the creationist side is honest about the bottom line being that their arguments and beliefs are rooted in faith. Both sides operate on faith, but to me it seems that the evolution side tries to pretend it's not.

So, at this event people were asked to write a message to those on their opposing side and there were some really good ones. I picked out the five arguments I liked best for creation and the five most ridiculous bits of snark from the evolution side.

Do I have my bias, sure, but you can see all 44 messages here. It's clear that as a whole one side should definitely be taken more seriously than the other.